Dan Schneider of The American Conservative Union and CPAC

Dave Sussman

Dan Schneider, the Executive Director at both ACU and CPAC joins us to discuss the American Conservative Union’ s 2018 CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference). The largest gathering of conservatives on the planet meets each year where conservative activists and elected officials from across the United States discuss strategy and how to maintain the momentum on 2016's win.

Whiskey Politics - Dan Schneider: Executive Director at American Conservative Union and CPAC

In today's divisive politics, we hear how Conservatives can work toward goals and achieve sound outcomes while acknowledging "Chuck and Nancy's" obstruction. We discuss the future of conservativism and why so many college students attend this event and whether Donald Trump and Mike Pence will return to visit with attendees as they did in 2017.

2018’s conference will be held February 21st-24th at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in National Harbor, Washington DC. Reserve your spot at Conservative.org and be sure to find Whiskey Politics on media row where we will be interviewing political luminaries.

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