Dave Sussman

Ep. 204 - It's not uncommon for a teacher's contract to not be renewed, but Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles told their popular teacher #DrKarenSiegemund the school was letting her go based on her political views OFF campus. Keep in mind, this is an institution of learning where teachers are allowed to wear "#Resist" t-shirts in the classroom.

Dr. Siegemund is President at #AmericanFreedomAlliance which advocates for Free Speech. One day after AFA's latest conference with over 200 guests and 20+ speakers, and without any warning, Dr. Siegemund was notified by email of her contract being terminated.

See Karen's visit to Governor #Huckabee's show at TBN here: https://youtu.be/Hrdw2yNVdQY

Find the American Freedom Alliance at: http://AmericanFreedomAlliance.org

Support Dr. Siegemunds legal efforts here: https://www.gofundme.com/conservative-teacher-fired-istandwithkaren

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