Candace Owens and Cabot Phillips: The Kids are Still Alright

Dave Sussman

Ep: 107 - Candace Owens and Cabot Phillips.

Whiskey Politics - Candace Owens and Cabot Phillips: The Kids are Still Alright

Candace Owens at Turning Point USA discusses victicrats, the death of Hollywood, CNN, and how using social media is resulting in students and millennials becoming 'red-pilled' - (80 Million downloads on her YouTube channel). Candace is also a Vlogger (video blogger). Director of Urban Engagement for @TPUSAhttp://WWW.TPUSA.COM/JOIN. Follow Candace on Twitter at @RealCandaceO

We also speak with Cabot Phillips who is the Media Director for Campus Reform about the attack on free speech at our universities, where anyone with an opposing idea is insulted, intimidation and violence. You’ve like seen Cabot on Fox News, Fox Business OAN, and other networks. Prior to joining Campus Reform he spent time working on numerous campaigns—including Digital Grassroots Director for Marco Rubio’s Presidential bid. Phillips is also a YouTube Partner, creating and starring in numerous videos which have amassed over 100 million views. In 2016, Phillips was named to Red Alert Politics "30 Under 30" list of the nation's most influential young conservatives. Follow Cabot on Twitter at @cabot_phillips.

Recorded at CPAC 2018.

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