Ricky Rebel: The LGBT War Against Individualism and Gender

Dave Sussman

Ep. 137 - Ricky Rebel (Pop Star, Singer & Songwriter) came out of the 'conservative closet' to support President Trump and has paid a steep price in terms of losing friends and business relationships. He discusses the war on gender, why stepping outside the LGBT groupthink is so dangerous for gay conservatives and his experiences with Michael Jackson, Madonna, Brittany Spears and other pop icons. Taped in person with Dave Sussman of Whiskey Politics in Malibu, CA. Watch the video here.

Whiskey Politics - Ricky Rebel: The LGBT War Against Individualism and Gender

Connect with Ricky at http://rickyrebelrocks.com/ and on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpgTD3PBCHJsn_eO79DeYSQ.

Out song: Happy Now (Ricky Rebel Acoustic cover, Zedd & Elley Duhe'.) https://youtu.be/FjlCdppcntI

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