David Deeble Returns: The Fire Inside

Dave Sussman

With the recent political news, on this week's Whiskey Politics we take time for a drink, breath and exhale while focusing on what’s really important… friends, family, and laughter. We welcome back David Deeble who talks about his comedy, travels, Jimmy Fallon, his wife's naturalization and "tax cut porn" (we do get a little political about the Republican health care plan). David also shares how he reinvented himself after a tragedy that impacted his career and life. A lesson that shows how our fire inside can propel us forward when facing monumental challenges.

Whiskey Politics - David Deeble Returns! The Fire Inside

You have seen David on the Tonight Show, The Late Show with James Cordon, America's Got Talent, Last Comic Standing, CBS This Morning and also appears regularly at The Comedy & Magic Club, emcees the Magic Castle and is a popular writer at Ricochet.com.

Follow David at DavidDeeble.com, Facebook and Twitter.

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As featured on Ricochet.