Undocumented Immigrants Just Received Expanded Rights From New California Laws Signed by Gov. Newsom


Undocumented immigrants in California will have rights expanded under new laws signed by Newsom.

The Dictator of California continues to give illegal aliens expanded rights, free Healthcare, Government assistance, and protection from criminal prosecutions. In the meantime, he has signed 870 new laws, continues to thumb his nose at the Federal laws, and turns law-abiding citizens into felons with his Socialist policies as he tries to turn us into a Communist State. The next move will be to round up what's left of the citizens of California and put them in re-education camps.

Whether or not you believe me, there is no surprise here. Newsom is more focused on giving more rights and privileges to illegal criminals than US citizens. Don't be surprised if there's a new proposed tax so illegals can have free housing and living expenses paid for by the state.

No sane person or country wants to import tens of millions of low IQ, dirt poor peasants who radically change the culture of the country. The US is no different, yet when we object, we are called racists! I wonder how many flights Newsom took to pedophile island with Jeffrey Epstein. That's the only reason this traitor is backing illegal invaders.

They are not immigrants; an immigrant comes here legally; these are illegal aliens and are not afforded the same rights under the constitution as that of American citizens.

My question to Californians, how much more taxes do you want to be taken out of your check added to goods and services provided by the state to allow this to happen? You can't remove the Governor you must remove the engine as in the whole state legislation to fix this and all-Democrat city council members in the four cities that have voter control over 40 million people! Please do not sit at home this time.

The one silver lining is that the whole of the country sees what a nightmare California has become and only continues to get worse under the control of Democrats like Newsom and as a result more and more people regardless of party, particularly here in CA will be voting for Trump 2020 and will be lobbying for changes that don't allow people like despicable Newsom to repeatedly ignore the legal citizens of their state by simply passing bills rather than putting them on the ballot for the actual legal citizens to vote on. And the few that do get put on the ballot but are voted against, he just ignores and within 12 months later he just passes a bill to make it so anyway.

Vote this guy out either get a moderate Democrat since apparently there is no other choice or vote in an Independent who will put legal citizens first and uphold our laws and give the legal voters of the state an opportunity to weigh in. 

This guy is a political hack with nothing to offer anyone, just trying to pander and pave his own political career aspirations.

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