The Leftist Worldview Rejects Absolute Morality While Replacing It With Moral Relativism


If Democrats acted as if they had some sense, just for a little, they would have a small chance at holding the House and winning the Senate and White House. Do I want them to win — no, but I am being honest. They tend to play in the barren sands of Utopia, hoping and wishing while lying to their voting base on what's really going on. They think, or it is my opinion that they think governing on feelings will serve them better but they are so separated from reality it hurts.

Leftists have been pursuing impeachment since Wednesday, November 9, 2016, which is the same date that they started dividing the country with their "resistance" activities. Leftists and their presstitutes like to blame the President for this division, but the only reason for the division in the eyes of the left is that Hillary Clinton lost. Therefore anyone who would have beaten the corrupt witch would be blamed for the countries division since they still can't believe she lost.

Isn't it amazing that the Jeffery Epstein story has vanished from the pages of our beloved "free" press? I mean, NOTHING. Not only that but, it has allowed the beast of Chappaqua, Hillary Clinton to slither out from under her rock and gain attention again.

I believe they do intend to at least test her repugnancy factor against the bunch of communists currently running for "her" position as a designated loser, to see if they can ooze her in at the last minute to be "the moderate."

I wasn't around during the McCarthy hearings that everyone likes to point to as horrible and unjust, but, looking at history and our current state of affairs, he wasn't far off. Communists were infiltrating the schools at all levels, and the media, and wherever else they could play the long game by instituting "political correctness" that cripples common sense.

These are unusual times and pretty scary.

Remember when the Democrats sent a reporter to Alaska and rented the home next door to the Palin's, sat in an upstairs room with binoculars to peer into the Palin home. These are the people who concocted a lie and used it to obtain a FISA Warrant to spy on a political rival. These are the people who fabricated salacious fiction to smear and hopefully destroy judicial nominees. These are the people who have those from within who "cross" them mysteriously die. These are the people of Ruby Ridge, Elian Gonzales, Waco, Bunkerville, and the list continues.

And yet, these are the people who claim they "care so deeply" about our well being.

It's hard to believe anyone would want to be a part of the Democratic Party these days. Their participation rules are limited but leave much to be desired of becoming a full-fledged patriot of the United States.

  1. You must believe receiving participation trophies all your life based on little to no effort and having never developed anything resembling ambition; you are therefore entitled to have others support you in any manner you desire!
  2. You have to believe your miserable life is because of e-e-e-evil white men, who have stolen what is rightfully yours.
  3. You have to believe your miserable life in your third world nation is because the e-e-e-evil United States has plundered your country and that if you go there, the Democrat party will place you in the entitlement hammock, where you won't have to do anything except vote Democrat!

And yet people to me, are missing the most grievous crime in the history of civilized man — the murder of the world's children through abortion. These moral bankrupt sorry excuses for human beings have their hands drenched in the blood of babies and they celebrate this as a victory.

You take everything else away and this one subject makes them criminals and worse and we are letting them get by with murder.

It causes me to have nightmares just thinking I used to vote Democrat. Was this going on then and I just didn't know about it? Oh my God, I hope not. How anybody can watch what The Democrats are doing and still vote for them is unbelievable.

I think we will see a big change after the 2020 election. Maybe the Democrats will wake up, look around and see the mess they have made and decide to do something about it. If they don't, they are gone.