Staff Captures Liberal NY Couple Harassing Sen. Rand Paul While Eating Lunch In California


Have you ever noticed that progressives don’t get in your face in “stand your ground” states, I wonder why?

Sen. Rand Paul was verbally attacked by two people while eating lunch on Friday with his staff at a California restaurant.

Screaming and cursing at a US Senator while claiming he's the "uncivil" one just because he's Republican. Ahhhhh, the hypocrisy and double standard of the left continues to be their beacon of truth and most defining characteristic.

This is just another example of how the liberal left will harass someone who does not think the way they do. Liberals will put signs on their cars, signs in their yards supporting their most left-liberals but if a Conservative does the same, there is always an outcry and many times damage to their property.

Here is the video capture from Paul's staff member:

This pretty well demonstrates the case against Socialism. Any decent person will take a stand against hate and intolerance, except that is what Socialist Democrats have become, uncivil and intolerant hatemongers.

This couple just embarrassed themselves in front of the whole world! So sorry that they have so much hate in their hearts, they definitely need an exorcism. This goes back to something I read in a psychology study. "When a person loses their ability to control their own emotions, that's when they start trying to change other people's actions"

Paul retweeted the video and responded that while "the left blames incivility" on Pres. Trump, he wanted voters to "watch this video and decide who the rude ones are."

In my view on the other shoe, it wouldn't do any good to harass a liberal. That would just be a waste of time. The liberal wouldn't "get it" anyhow, they'd just go on being the way they are. They are without soul or conscience but then again, it's sad to say that if you verbally spar with a liberal, they'll just claim victim to any myriad of social issues they champion. It's not worth it.

Their hatred of anyone who thinks differently than they do is beyond psychosis. They rant and rave at people who have opposing views. With them, it's my way or the highway! No compromise at all or listening to others' opinions.