Star Wars Actor Mark Hamill Disrespects Ivanka Trump Family On Twitter And Gets Roasted


Pretty sad when the only way for a grown man to feel good about himself is to bully and criticize a young child for being excited about wearing a star wars costume like millions of children have and do even now every year for Halloween and fun. Talk about taking personal bitterness to a sad new low.

The attacks on the Trump family are out of control. Most of what is accused of happening are fabricated. This and the undue insults are hardening Americans against Democrats and Hollywood alike.

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Mark Hamill has made no secret of his disdain for Donald Trump. But some are accusing the Star Wars actor of crossing the line by firing back at first daughter Ivanka Trump and her family.

On Sunday, Hamill, famed for playing Luke Skywalker in the film franchise, responded to an Instagram photo of Trump with husband Jared Kushner and their three children, the youngest of whom, Theodore, is seen showing off his Star Wars love by rocking a Stormtrooper costume.

“The Force is strong in my family,” the proud mom joked — but a certain cinematic Jedi disagrees.

Hamill took to Twitter to shut down Trump, writing, “You misspelled ‘Fraud.’” He added the hashtag #GoForceYourself for good measure.

Is he telling a child they can't wear a costume because he doesn't like the grandpa? I remember the lectures from the left that the kids were off-limits when their name was Clinton and Obama. Where is the outrage from the left?

Hamill should be grateful that people still think about star wars movies. Other than that franchise what different film roles would have brought you out of obscurity!

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This is the Left: Not only are grandchildren fair game but so will be the great-grandchildren and all of the descendants in perpetuity because they don't like Donald Trump. This is the caliber of the intellect of the Left. Of course, celebrities are not known for their intellect but rather just for being famous.

Some fans defended Hamill’s stance by arguing that the Trump grandchildren are fair game given the treatment of migrant children at the border. Democrats will always win the gold medal in the mental gymnastics year after year.

Hamill has always been a Big Zero as an actor and human being. Luckily Star Wars was so much bigger than he that his lousy acting went mostly unnoticed or ignored. The large part of concentration was on Hans, Leia, and Darth who were more significant than life whereas Luke was just there for the most part. 

Bad acting and very bad facial expressions will be Hamill's legacy.