God Intervenes As Praying Priest Survives Robbery Attempt; Criminal's Gun Jammed

AC Young

Despite what the modern globalist liberal atheist establishment want you to believe, there is a God. And he is not a distant, passive God, either.

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God is active in our lives each and every day. And a Houston priest, who miraculously survived a robbery by violent, godless, and deranged thugs, is living proof.

This story truly is an inspiration, and it just goes to demonstrate the power of prayer. This humble man of God never lost his faith, and for his quiet obedience to the Lord, he was rewarded.

Rev. Desmond Ohankwere credits “divine intervention” for saving his life after four men assaulted him at gunpoint outside his home near St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Church in Houston.

The Associated Press reported that the four men involved first stole an SUV from a gas station while the owner filled it with fuel. They then encountered the priest walking and praying the rosary in a nearby Catholic Church parking lot after the SUV ran out of gas.

The men robbed him, taking his keys and two cell phones. However, they did not take his rosary. 

On his knees praying for God to spare is life, the suspect attempted to fire the gun twice, pointing it to his head. The trigger failed both times.

“When he clicked it, I thought I was gone, so then he tried it again,” Fr. Ohankwere told KHOU 11 of Houston. “I should be dead now. You should be talking about my burial.”

The men then beat the priest after the trigger misfired. Fr. Ohankwere said they even tried firing the gun a third time, but the gun again failed to fire.

Fr. Ohankwere now has bruises and scrapes on his head, arm and lower body, but God answered his prayers. [Church POP]

I love this story because it is a metaphor for where we are at as Christians in an increasingly pagan, godless, lawless, and deranged America. This humble man of God did not despair. He did not cry out in anger or fear. Rather, he humbly and quietly turned to God in his time of need, and for his faith in God it was rewarded. Sometimes it feels like America is truly and hopelessly lost to the forces of evil. But we must always remind ourselves to never despair or give in, as our Lord Jesus Christ is a Redeemer who is constantly working in the world to bring good out of evil. Like our Lord Jesus Christ did over two millennia ago, we must humbly bear our cross and have faith in God's plan for America and this world.

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Sadly, the criminal thugs did manage to shoot and wound a Houston police officer after failing to murder the priest. But, thank God, he has survived and is recovering.

A Houston police officer is recovering from three gunshot wounds to the chest after being shot during a struggle with a suspect.

HPD Chief Art Acevedo said Friday that the 29-year-old officer was shot with his own gun after the suspect grabbed it.

The officer's partner heard him scream, confronted the suspect and shot and killed him.

The officer is recovering from multiple surgeries at Memorial Hermann Hospital.

"Thank you for all the continued prayers for our officer," the chief tweeted overnight. While the investigations continues, we are hopeful as to our officer’s condition." [KHOU 11]

This heroic and humble priest was beaten badly by the thugs, but at least he still has his life. And he has already forgiven his attackers, and is now praying for both the attackers and the injured police officer. Truly an inspirational story, and you will not regret watching the video report below: