Colleges Should End Legacy Admissions Now!


I believe that colleges should end legacy admissions because there are a lot more individuals that miss out on the education that they deserve when that spot is given to someone that didn't earn it. In addition to that, maybe that would end a lot of the celebrity family cheating scandals.

College admissions should 100% be based on academic accomplishments. Any accepted but unable to attend for personal, financial or other reason simply opens availability to next deserving individual. 

Let me be clear about one thing. If they are private schools they should be able to use whatever criteria they desire to pick their students. As long as the student meets the requirements of the school then I don’t have a problem with these type of legacy admissions. These are two different things though. These celebrities; used their wealth and status to gain entry for their kids that otherwise wouldn’t have qualified. That’s wrong. I don’t care who gets in a college as long as they earn the spot. That goes for athletes or anyone. What I don’t like, is when people get in (again athletes or anyone else) for who or what they are when they didn’t earn the privilege. After-all, going to college isn’t a right it is a privilege.

How about looking only at the student's academic record, extracurricular activities, community service, employment history and a handwritten letter explaining why they would like to be admitted? Nothing that would identify the student in any way that they could be discriminated against or given preference for family status at the school. That would seem fair. Well, I'm sure there would be a loud outcry about this since it really would be fair. But because most people define fair as what gets them what they want, it would be deemed grossly unfair. Yeah, I know.

Why do universities get the bulk of our educational dollars, when not all kids go to college, but all are required to take classes for K-12? And why do universities in many states get ‘matching’ taxpayer funds for private donations? Try this simple test — drive to a university near you. Look at the beautiful campus, then drive to your local elementary school. The elementary school will be lucky to have a functioning air conditioner and a roof that doesn’t leak somewhere.

If the enrollment has more openings, those less achieved can be granted admission. Race should NOT be used as a dividing factor, because with school integration, all students that apply themselves to learn are given equal opportunity to do so and achieve. This should inspire students to strive and for parents to encourage their children to strive. Smarter students also qualify for scholarships, it isn't the poor students that are awarded scholarships.

Check out this example: On Thursday, Stephen Semprevivo, a Los Angeles business executive, was sentenced to four months in federal prison after he paid $400,000 to Georgetown University to accept his son as a fake tennis recruit.

Semprevivo is the third parent to be sentenced in the college admissions scandal was convicted of making the largest payment to the scheme's mastermind, Rick Singer, of all 35 parents charged with crimes. 

And yes, folks competing for sports 'openings' must first qualify on an academic level. If alumni keep contributing based on expectations that offsprings will receive preferential treatment that is not right. And yes, colleges must not sell out for the sake of donations. It lowers their own standards.