Ralph Nader on Real Clear Politics


Ralph Nader, former Presidential candidate and longtime consumer advocate, discusses his new book, Unstoppable: The Emerging Left-Right Alliance to Dismantle the Corporate State, with Bill Frezza on the Real Clear Radio Hour. In his book, Nader calls for progressives, conservatives, and libertarians to unite against what he perceives as a common enemy: Washington’s culture of rent-seeking. While continuing his push against corporate power, Nader finds existing points of agreement across the political spectrum.


BILL FREZZA, REAL CLEAR RADIO HOUR: Let's get on to the war you've been fighting for pretty much all your adult life, the war against corporatism. Describe your enemy.

RALPH NADER: Corporatism is an operational political agenda, which basically says the country is better off if it is run by giant global corporations and their political allies in Washington, Albany, or Boston or Sacramento. And it involves the merger of giant corporate power with government power, in order to turn government into, essentially, into either an accounts receivable for corporations' grants, giveaways, or a guarantor of giant corporate capitalism that becomes too big to fail, we've seen that with the big New York banks. It wasn't enough that these speculating bosses were using other peoples' money, shredded trillions of dollars in pension money, mutual fund savings of people around the country, unemployed 8 million workers. They then proudly go to Washington and say, "look, this whole country's economy can collapse, you gotta bail us out." Washington said how much, right away and certain. That's what Franklin Delano Roosevelt called fascism.