Partisan Rhetoric Is for Losers


The above Tedx featuring G.T. Bynum, the 40th Mayor of Tulsa, Oklahoma, explores the beneficial imperative for all politicians to avoid partisan rhetoric in campaigns. It was recorded in February 2017 at TEDxPennsylvaniaAvenue.


Conventional wisdom says that to win an election, you need to play to your constituencies' basest, most divisive instincts. But as a candidate for mayor of Tulsa, Oklahoma, G.T. Bynum decided to skip the smear campaigns, tell voters what he wanted to accomplish and give them ways to measure his success -- and it led him to win the election. In a hopeful, funny talk, Bynum shares how he's tackling his city's most pressing issues and says that we need to set aside philosophical disagreements and focus on the aspirations that unite us.

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Republican G.T. Bynum's focus on the local Tulsa issues is the key here. Too often, the angry rhetoric drawn from the national political scene infect local elections. Just very exciting that his appeal to reason and his shunning of partisan rhetorical excess, led to a very impressive victory. And heartening that the people of Tulsa cast their ballots the way they did.