Imagining An Alternative Political Path


Rob Stein, Democratic political strategist and founder the Democracy Alliance, shared some thoughts yesterday about the direction democracy is taking. In an essay on Medium, Rob entreats us to look to the foundations of democracy for damage from our rigid embrace of the impossible duality tearing at our political system...

Nineteenth and twentieth century inspired political theory and rhetoric that (1) either disparages government as the sole source of our problems, or elevates government as our savior, or (2) denigrates corporations as the root of all evil, or presumes that only private interests can be trusted to meet human needs — are antiquated and insufficient critiques of twenty-first century realities.

Rob goes on to ask a lot of questions that live in the hearts of all transpartisans...

There are no custodians of ultimate wisdom about the future; and no one yet possesses clear answers to effective governance in the twenty-first century. But those whose political priorities are to protect democracy and create meaningful governance can be aggressively curious, and unrelentingly courageous, in challenging themselves to frame fundamental questions about democracy’s future, including inquiries such as:

What narrative will most effectively motivate the passions of the broadest base of citizens, not beholden to traditional orthodoxies, to coalesce around a commitment to protecting democracy and advancing effective governance?

What do we imagine new democratic systems and structures for sustaining such broadly based consensus might look like in ten, twenty or more years?

How should new platforms, networks and alliances be structured and governed in order to animate these political passions and sustain political cohesion?

How would you respond to his points? and is he asking the right questions? You can read the entire essay on