A New Venue for Transpartisan Ideas & Conversations

Even though we see more and more citizens from all walks of life embrace their transpartisan nature and work together to solve problems in their communities, our national political debate remains torn by conflict and misunderstanding.

This need not be!

Welcome to the Transpartisan Voice!

Online and off, meaningful political engagement is regularly derailed by caustic rhetoric and bad information, often with the effect of reinforcing partisan attitudes and silencing contradictory perspectives. Even bipartisan programs tend to work against meaningful change by silencing points of view in the name of cooperation to keep our current political system functioning.

Here, at the Transpartisan Voice, we examine political issues from many perspectives, embracing and transcending the partisan voices to provide our readers the means to engage with empowered citizens and encourage all to become active in solving problems the government alone cannot solve.

What does Transpartisan mean?

The word “transpartisan” is not easily defined as it encompasses many points of view and broad purpose. To put it simply, the transpartisan approach is a collaborative method to address issues; leveraging civility, respect, and inclusion to create environments where issues can be properly discussed and problems meaningfully solved. This process regularly leads to new insights and unique solutions.

Where bipartisan strategy endeavors to address an issue from two sides, often relying heavily on compromise to seek short term solutions; transpartisan engagement begins with the understanding that there are as many perspectives as there are citizens, each a valuable addition to the purposeful cooperation required when seeking permanent solutions. Many engaged voices create many opportunities.

Our Mission

We are building the Transpartisan Voice to be the leading venue for transpartisan ideas and conversation; where any citizen, following his or her own “transpartisan impulse”, can discover a community of similarly-motivated readers (regardless of political perspective) and explore thoughtful articles, share interesting news, and engage in meaningful comment-based, transpartisan-focused conversations.

There are few places online where issues of the day are being discussed with transpartisan sensibility. The Transpartisan Voice offers a connection with a greater transpartisan audience of citizens working together to bring “citizen empowerment” and “personal connection” to local, state, and national governance.

Please join, follow, comment, and… engage!