Recommended Online Course for Transpartisan Activists


Our dear friends and transpartisan allies, Ron Kertzner and Manju Lynn Bazzell, have just completed this course and we’re considering the next one. Do go on line to learn more if you might be interested and to then to register. Lots more information on the website.

What a joy to connect to a network of people who care deeply about our world, who are committed to action AND to self-awareness, reflection, consciousness. This was my experience as a participant in Bright Future Now. In addition to the connections made, the content Robert Gilman provided was stimulating, insightful and useful. He skillfully creates a ‘context’ for participants to understand the profound shifts taking place in our world and offers tools that we can all use to help make this transition as thoughtful and heartfelt as possible. I’ve already integrated much of what I learned into my current practice as a organizational/leadership development practitioner. Well worth the time!

— Ron Kertzner, ChoicePoint Consulting

Robert Gilman’s Bright Future Now program, sponsored by the Context Institute, has given me a framework within which to inspire and energize activists working in the field of governance. The course poses the question “What time is it?” in relation to human evolution and focuses on long-term trends that help us see that we have what we need to make a difference now. Bright Future Now illuminates ways to guide ourselves and others into the behavioral ‘Optimal Zone’; offers many easy-to-apply tools that help move us from our current ‘zero-sum game/categorical thinking’ to 'win-win-win’/systemic thinking. And so much more!

— Manju Lyn Bazzell, Now We’re Talking

An added benefit is that, after completing the course, you become a member of an active network of others who are committed to a ‘whole system’ orientation and working in a collective ‘optimal zone’. If you are intrigued to know more, please visit and view the video of the recent teleseminar that Robert and Bright Future Now graduates held recently. For additional information you can visit You can register for the course at

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