Transpartisan Trophy to Kennedy for Critique of Trump Court Nominee


First in our new series aiming to highlight and commend partisan figures who rise above partisan pressure to do the right thing, our inaugural Transpartisan Trophy goes to Louisiana Republican Senator John Neely Kennedy, for fairly and directly highlighting the inadequate qualifications of a Trump court nominee.

A great way to kick off this new series, there’s a lot to like about this case. Not only so we have a Republican US Senator rising above partisan pressure to fairly light the poor choice for a nominee to a high court, but his actions are also being dishonestly hyped by most of the stories I could find in the media (across the spectrum).

The reality here is that Louisiana Republican John Neely Kennedy merely fulfilled his constitutionally stipulated responsibility. If you didn’t know what the Constitution says the US Senate’s job here is, and just read most coverage of this in the media (even a sad amount of the coverage from regular news sites) you’d most likely get the impression that his job is merely to ask a few easy questions and rubber stamp his party’s nominee.

In a sane political world, this wouldn’t be anywhere near newsworthy or noteworthy...

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