TEDx: Loving Your Country, Loving Yourself


Mark Gerzon, conflict resolution mediator, challenges us to learn to listen to bridge the divide between liberal and conservative, by asking the unasked question that just might make the inner workings work beyond bipartisanship.

Mark Gerzon, author of "The Reunited States of America: How We Can Bridge the Partisan Divide,"pioneers the frontier between "Left" and "Right." After leaving Harvard University, Mark co-founded both a global newspaper and the Mediators Foundation, addressing critical social issues. Out of this came Global Mediators Associates, the South-North Development Initiative; Global Dialogue Partners and other initiatives. He is also a Distinguished Fellow of the EastWest Institute. His book, "Leading Through Conflict," has been translated into six languages, including Persian and Mandarin.

Concerned about the increasing polarization in American communities, he spent the last two decades fostering cross-cultural education as well as closer cooperation across international, ethnic and ideological divisions. He co-designed and facilitated the US Bipartisan Congressional Retreats in the late 1990s. Mark's building a transpartisan movement in the United States.