This video, originally published in December 2014, explores the political tension in the US two-party system. Here's more info from the Reinvent website:

How can we find ways to work together across America’s two party political divide?

Political polarization in the United States is not a Washington D.C. problem, it’s a problem that affects all Americans. Compromise needs to come from all ends of the political spectrum so that accomplishments and forward progress replace constant stalemates and petty bickering. This roundtable brought together individuals from left, right and center to brainstorm a range of ideas about how to fix our political culture in the long-term, and make tactical progress in D.C. in the short-term. In the end, we were able to find common ground, and everyone left the roundtable more hopeful that Americans have the potential to work across the bipartisan divide.

Some highlights include Rich Tafel commenting the importance of understanding where parties are coming from and Transpartisan Voice editor Lawrence Chickering explaining that "the opponents of any change hold the key to the change."

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Very helpful dialogue on overcoming partisanship in this round table.