Is bipartisanship dead? Not by a long shot

"Bipartisanship is not dead. It is alive, certainly not as well as it could be, and in need of further nurturing."

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While the nation's capital is at its most divided, a cadre of Republicans and Democrats -- refugees from earlier administrations -- is quietly reaching over political divides to get the nation's work done.

Despite the loud rhetoric from both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue, there are a core group of us who have served in multiple administrations, who hail from industries outside of Washington, who hold different points of view, who find ways to collaborate.

I am a registered Republican and have served four presidents, including one Democrat. And I also partnered with Michelle Obama’s office on Let’s Move anti-obesity campaign. Over the last 15 years as I built complex public private partnerships to help solve big problems, I succeeded by modifying Ronald Reagan’s 80/20 rule. I created my own 60/40 rule: if I agree with someone on 60 percent of the issues, we can agree to disagree on the 40 percent and focus our collective energy on areas of commonality.

I am by no means unusual among a strata of people who line up on one side of the aisle but find ways to work with the other side.