Zoltan Istvan

The politically correct atmosphere choking America led directly to the nomination of Trump. People got so fed up with trying to please every person and idea that they retaliated and voted in the loudest, most overbearing politician in the room. Unlike #Trump, I have a 20-point plan that is led by deeply humanitarian values that aims to support both #Republicans, #Democrats, and everyone in between. But every time I share them, many people tell me how inhumanitarian I am, despite my years spent working to improve the lives of others. For example, when I advocate for licensing parents, I don’t do so to strip away freedoms, but to save the many millions of future kids from starving every day in America and elsewhere as they are now—what about children’s freedoms from terrible parents? When I talk my open border policies and about charging immigrants a $5000 refundable security deposit to get in, I do so because the conservatives will need many carrots in order to pass such legislation, and rather than turn away refugees and the downtrodden, I am diplomatic enough to work on a plan to save their lives in the context of political reality. When I talk about saving the planet and its envrionment with capitalism, progress, and new industry, I do so knowing we can’t save the planet with socialism or by lessening our carbon footprint—which is a joke with 3 billion person China/India coming into their industrial own; we can only save Earth and its environment with new ideas like geo-engineering, nanotechnology, and the computational guidance of AI. The bigger point is ALL my ideas are carefully based on humanitarianism and getting all people more prosperous--but my ideas are not based on emotion or sweet sounding talking points that offer free money and higher taxes as a solution to everything--that is what other politicians do, and why nothing ever gets done. My ideas are based on the most logical principles my team and I can ascertain, the best studies out there to provide evidence, and the most reasonable outcomes we can come to given the parameters of a politically split Congress and nation. I believe very deeply in #transhumanitarianism, the idea that humanitarianism, logic science, and the future go hand in hand. #UpgradingAmerica #Zoltan2020