Some of my #transhumanism work newly out internationally (#Chinese, #Romanian, #French):…

Zoltan Istvan

Some of my #transhumanism work newly out internationally (#Chinese, #Romanian, #French): & &

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ET Nada
ET Nada

Yep, that's the National Geographic worldview in a nutshell. It reeks of selfishness and hubris. In that view, everything in human life exists for human survival - at any cost, if necessary - but it is the ultimate losers game.

It is the habitual consciousness of an organism that only considers everything in relation to its own egocentric view of reality. Everything exists so that it can survive and thrive, regardless of the consequences it unconsciously generates. It is the habit of consumption consuming everything until there's nothing left to consume but itself. And from sheer mechanical momentum, regardless of what the algorithms that are used, that momentum won't be able to stop itself from consuming itself... Survival at any cost is the ultimate losers game.

So what is the point of producing synthetic human beings with machine consciousness before they have had an opportunity to discover and perfect even a little of their inherent conscious potentials? Just to be clear, there are and have been conscious technologies that no physical, external apparatus or manipulation can ever access or emulate. The very technologies and sciences that are supposedly going to save humankind were generated by only one aspect of human potential - the intellect, and largely hominid male intellect focused on material existence. Full stop.

David Bohm very clearly defined the meaning of AI, which isn't Artificial Intelligence. AI, as it exists is Artificial Intellect, and no matter how much it's refined or developed, it will continue to be a product of the physical mind and brain of humans - to the exclusion and subjugation of all other capabilities and potentials. It is a part posing as if it is the whole. But it is not, nor can it be a substitute for those potentials.

"Salvation is in science and progress, not sustainability or preserving the Earth." This reliance on external manipulation won't produce what a fully conscious human being is capable of. Science can never "correct" unconscious behaviours - not at the deepest level. That is up to each human being, or more broadly, every conscious being, anywhere. The idea that one can have access to all the knowledge stored in a huge computer, regardless of how large it may be, still doesn't address the reality of what the origin of existence and consciousness is. Inserted into a human brain structure, it's still an external overlay of someone else's version of reality - that someone being the digital structure of whatever intellect can come up with that form of information. But what any AI isn't capable of is its own self-transcendence - because that suggests being able to go beyond any existing or future form of programming. If it was capable of self-transcendence, it would be what every human being is inherently capable of - sooner or later.

Getting a helicopter ride to the top of Everest doesn't turn one into a world class mountaineer, just as producing a hybrid AI-human won't necessarily result in what a fully awakened and enlightened human being is capable of doing and being. No intellect is capable of enduring infinity, especially the non-mathematical kind.

Good luck, though. Transhumanism in this form, is also an aspect of humanity, but definitely nowhere near the full picture of a harmonious human being living as an integral aspect of a Consciously evolving universe.