My weekend's New York Times Op-Ed mentions the small seaside town of…

Zoltan Istvan

My weekend's New York Times Op-Ed mentions the small seaside town of Bolinas, but the article is really about the 35 million surfers around the world wondering if the lockdown law against surfing is fair. Many Bolinas locals didn't like my article nor me coming into their town to surf, where I've surfed on and off for 15 years. They banned together to put up these posters all over town about me. Fair enough; it's a free world to put up posters and not like someone. Unfortunately, I've also received numerous violent threats over the last 72 hours from Bolinas locals, including a death threat (all screen shots saved and FBI notifiied since I'm a Federal candidate). As a father, son, and husband this is not acceptable. I look forward to surfing in Bolinas again when it's legal for me to come in, despite 50+ comments on Instagram warning me never to come back. Also, I believe there are overall health benefits of surfing for society during the #coronavirus that outweigh the tiny risk of transmission, and people would be wise to try to recognize that too in this debate, as millions of surfers have and agree. Finally, it's not wise to threaten a journalist and public figure if you're trying to stay private. The exact opposite will likely happen, especially one who knows literally hundreds of journalists and TV crews.