Longevity Advocates Submit Plans at XPRIZE for $5 million Longevity Peace Prize

Zoltan Istvan

Above is an image of Max More, Natasha Vita-More, Jim Strole, Bernadeane, and Zoltan Istvan with the final version of their work at the XPRIZE Longevity road map event yesterday in Los Angeles. Istvan formally recommended to the XPRIZE staff and scientists at a filmed event that a Longevity Peace Prize be considered. Afterward, the team of well-known transhumanists and longevity advocates (named above) went to work developing the prize and its goals. The Longevity Peace Prize, worth $5 million dollars, is to be awarded to any longevity activist(s) in the next 5 years who can get a major world government or the UN to declare "aging a disease" as a policy and to help reverse regulatory hurdles on life extension research. The prize was welcomed for further development by XPRIZE staff, and longevity advocates hope you'll be hearing more about this major story soon.

Top Photo by Keith Comito. Bottom photo of Zoltan Istvan and Max More by Kate Batz.

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