Transhumanist Wager

London Real - Transhumanism could be described as the use of technology to enhance human capabilities, both mental and physical. As Istvan points out in this interview, the ultimate goal is transcending biological death.

For Istvan, transhumanism is simply the next step in human evolution. As you will see in this interview, Brian may disagree with him there! Istvan believes that if you have the chance to replace your fallible limbs with stronger and more effective technological alternatives, it’s a no brainer. If we are willing to take a jab for polio, to embrace medical science for every-day diseases, then the logic, for Istvan, is no different. In his words it’s ‘common sense’. So where’s the line? At what point does scientific and technological progress start to infringe on our very humanity? Without pain and death, what would it mean to be human?

For Istvan, it’s time to do away with the suspicion and horror stories of science fiction, and have a sensible dialogue.

Here is the full interview: