Let’s talk about borders and immigration. But you can’t talk about borders and immigration without talking about China and India. What you say? Look here, in the US, we’re about to get out asses kicked economically AND culturally by China. They are equaling or beating us in nearly everything these days and will soon be more powerful than us overall. India will likely do the same to us in 10 years. We simply can’t compete against nations that have 4 or 5 times our population. China will soon have as many engineers as our overall workforce. Think about that for a moment. So what should America do to stay relevant? LET PEOPLE IN AMERICA TO GROW IT (faceplant for #Trump). I have an open-border policy. Everyone but violent criminals gets let in. And to safeguard us, I suggest tracking devices for all immigrants for a period of three years. All immigrants also must leave a $5000 refundable security deposit which they can get back if the government doesn’t spend money on them. No free social services to immigrants except grade and high school and some catastrophic health insurance for children. I will fast track citizenship so immigrants can become full Americans after three years. We can grow America as we once did to compete against China, but you don’t get to come to be a freeloader. You come to work, pay your taxes, build a life here, be an American, and make America hold its own against totalitarian China. It’s an honor and a privilege to come to America. You must learn English and American customs and test on them. That’s my immigration policy. We want you all here! We want to grow to be competitive. But you must add to the country prosperity and success. #UpgradingAmerica #Zoltan2020