I tend not to measure progress by calendars, but it is useful sometimes. It’s been a good decade for me. My life as a public figure in science and technology began with the publication of my book The Transhumanist Wager in 2013. Since then I have penned over 200 mainstream media opinion articles, some which went viral and dramatically grew the #transhumanism movement. Beyond that, there have been many TV interviews, public speeches, political campaigns, books, businesses, and other projects I did, including the Immortality Bus. Both my two children were also born this decade, and my wife and I have just celebrated our 10th anniversary. Sadly, my father died during this decade, and he is missed, especially by my heartbroken mother. His death has strengthened my resolve to make the Transhumanist Wager, where individuals dedicate all their energy to overcoming the issue of death and aging with science. My run for the Presidency, my direct challenge of Trump’s inadequate science and technology policies among other things, and the hours I toil daily to better America and humanity reflect my choice to make a Transhumanist Wager. I want to eliminate suffering, create prosperity for all, and forge a world of transhumanism where people don’t have to die if they don’t want to. Join me in my quest for 2020 and beyond! And may you have a wonderful new year! (Picture of my family and I in Tahoe)