I had an interview with a major #LGBT political group of Houston, TX today. Not only am I pro-LGBT, but #transhumanism as a quickly growing worldwide movement (which is soon going to be bigger than the LGBT movement) is very pro-LGBT and always has been. However, the Houston group was rude and biased against me from the start. Some of it stemmed from my answer on a questionnaire that said I would accept both LGBT and anti-LGBT endorsements. To that I summarized, “I’m a transhumanist. My goal is to make a world where all people live longer, better, and have prosperity through science and technology. And to make that happen, I would consider accepting endorsements from people of all walks of life.” However, just like unbending, fanatical 2nd Amendment conservatives who want tanks in their front yards, this LGBT group was condescending, and literally cut me off from talking through the interview. I see this so often, that people who are supposed to be open-minded are some of the most closed-minded. Apparently, if you’re not on fully on their side, you’re not worthy. That’s a ridiculous and irrational philosophy in a world with 8 billion “totally different” people—none who are perfect. To make America stronger, stop the polarization, try to listen to people, argue gently with logic if you need, but always remain friendly, polite, and respectful. Your point will be better heard, and it will make a better impression. #UpgradingAmerica #Zoltan2020