Zoltan Istvan

A major weekend unfolding here in my work--perhaps one of the largest of my life so far with maybe upward of 10 million views/prints. The New York Times Weekly Edition, which features their best stories of the week in many major international papers in a supplement, has done a front page article on #artificialwombs and #overpopulation. I'm widely quoted in it, and it also includes perspectives from English royalty Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle, the Pope and the Catholic Church, Piers Morgan of Good Morning Britain, etc. It's an important story going around the world. So far I'm seeing it in numerous topmost leading #Spanish newspapers (Argentina, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Columbia, Mexico, etc) getting at least a few million views. I haven't seen this in some of the other worldwide papers yet, but I believe this story ends up with over 8-10 million print versions based on who publishes the New York Times International Weekly supplement. There's of course the digital versions too. The article does mention I lecture on #transhumanism (#transhumanismo). Here's some Spanish and Portuguese versions:,tecnologia-eua-aborto-utero-artificial-papa-francisco,70002969052 & &