Zoltan Istvan

Friends, today I’m announcing my run for Vice President as a libertarian. The Libertarian Party chooses their 2020 VP nominee in a single vote generally at their national convention (end of May), and that pick is independent of the LP Presidential nominee. It’s a different system than the Dems or GOP. There’s many strong candidates running to be the Libertarian nominee for US President, and I look forward to trying to win the VP race, & then serving whoever the Presidential candidate is. I make a strong #libertarian Vice President candidate as I bring in mainstream press, libertarian values, forward thinking ideas, and my science/technology specialty. As a longtime entrepreneur, I also bring in plenty of my own personal funding for a campaign that aims to end up making a strong crusade to gain the White House. We have a new site up for my VP run, as well as merchandise you can get. Please check it out. Thank you for your support! www.zoltan2020.com #UpgradingAmerica