Zoltan Istvan

Friends & Supporters! Here’s a major announcement: Because my campaign is growing dramatically, I have--after much debate--changed many of the policies in my plan for US President. A politician aims to serve the people, and after listening for months to my supporters (and objectors), I have rewritten many of my ideas to more closely align with what the public sees fit, objective, and also just. It’s more of a bipartisan 20-point plan now, still anchored to advocating for improving American innovation, the future, liberty, and my tax free #BasicIncome. I hope you like the new ideas, find less controversy in them, but discover more electability in my run for US President. Thank you for your support as I push for #UpgradingAmerica. Here’s the link to my new policies and please make a donation as we ramp up the run to the White House. Super Tuesday, where I am on enough major state ballots to challenge Donald Trump for the Presidency, is just weeks away: https://zoltan2020.com/policies/