Friends and adversaries of mine keep telling me the poor pay more in US taxes than the rich. This is totally untrue. In dollar terms, the rich and moderately rich are carrying this nation on their backs (just look at any Gov stat). The top 25% foot the tax bill for a large part of the service Gov provides to you. The amount the poor and bottom 75% of Americans would not be able to keep government, social services, and this nation running. We shouldn't forget this. When comparing tax rates, we must always remember tax percentage terms are different than dollar amounts. Dollar amounts are what matter and make the world go around--what buys you food, puts gas in your car, and allows you to buy Christmas presents for your family. Tax percentages don't do that--only actual dollars do. Over time, I endorse getting rid of the IRS and replacing Government with technology and automation. The result would be far lower taxes, if any. If I was to get into office soon, I'd cut nearly all taxes and implement a single national sales taxes to help us get to a taxless world where robots and automation run the Gov. Then no one could get percentages and dollar amounts mixed up because we all pay the same percentage. In the meantime, be grateful that the rich (both Democrats and Republicans) pay so many dollars to Uncle Sam. And stop creating this nonsense that the poor pay more in taxes than the rich. They pay far less in actual dollar terms, which is the thing the makes world go round. #UpgradingAmerica #Zoltan2020