Today Oakland became the first in California to force landlords to abandon criminal checks for renters. Last year CA landlords were hassled and convicted for price gouging in their rental units after Santa Rosa fires in the area. And Bernie Sanders wants nationwide rent control. As someone in real estate development who has created much housing and rental units for the public, you know what all this BS made me do: STOP WORKING. And I sold most my portfolio so you can’t tell me how to run it and rent it. If you socialists want to control basic market forces that allow people in real estate to make a living, I won’t play your game. And from what I hear, hundreds of thousands of others won’t either. Unaffordable, unbuildable, unrentable California real estate is the poster child for everything that is wrong with the Democrats. Stop trying to do what you consider as the right thing—which historically always fails since you are fallible. Reduce your absurd rules and regulations, and let the market find its own path, which historically is known for quickly raising the standard of living for all. What a complete disaster California housing has become because of so many woke left-thinking people who keep trying to help the poor by strangling capitalism. Your help is a curse and the proof is all over the state and its growing inequality. #UpgradingAmerica #Zoltan2020