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Transhumanist Wager

Photo Credit: Nancy Borowick

The New York Times Magazine --In the autumn of 2015, a man of my acquaintance purchased a 38-foot recreational vehicle — a 1978 Blue Bird Wanderlodge — and, having made to this vehicle such modifications as would lend it the appearance of a gigantic coffin, set out to drive it eastward across the great potbellied girth of the continental United States. His reasons for doing so were, in certain respects, complex and conflicting, but for now it will suffice to inform you that this voyage was undertaken in order to raise awareness of two distinct but related matters. The first of these was the regrettable fact of human mortality and the need to do something about it; the second was that of his candidacy in the following year’s presidential election.This man’s name was Zoltan Istvan...

Mark O’Connell hit the road with Zoltan Istvan and Roen Horn in order to completely understand what was in fact going on with this campaign trail for Transhumanism. After a couple of days on the tour with the crew, Transhumanism and the fight for eternal life talks were abundant. In order to fully understand more about the experience, read the full story here:

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