Zoltan Istvan

The last few years have been an exciting time for me, as I emerged a visible figure in the quickly growing transhumanism movement. I’ve been grateful and honored for a role in helping to shape the future of science and technology for humanity. During some of the last two years, I also ran as an endorsed Libertarian Party 2018 gubernatorial candidate in California. I was excited to spread many ideas of liberty to millions of people during the campaign. While I believe in many liberty-minded ideas, the Libertarian Party is currently not for me, so a few months ago I left it, and I’m no longer a member. There are some very good people in the party, and I thank those who took time to listen to my ideas and supported my gubernatorial campaign. Because I’m getting asked quite a bit by press and supporters whether I was going to run for the Libertarian Party nomination for 2020 US President, I wanted to make this public statement stating I no longer belonged to the party and wasn’t planning on running in 2020 for the LP. Wishing everyone a successful 2019.


Politics & Science