Second Coming 2.0: Church Taxes Will Help Resurrect Jesus with 3D Bioprinting

The transhuman future of Quantum Archaeology & living forever is complicated, but it could still be funded by Christians

China, Russia, and other nations are striving to dethrone America from being the leading nation in science, technology and medicine. Americans need a better way to finance their research and breakthroughs to remain the outright global science leader. It’s not coming from President Trump and his “Make America Great Again” administration, as he recently tried to cut the budget at the National Institute of Health and other science-oriented government agencies, leaving thousands of researchers disheartened.

However, there is a method that could quickly and dramatically boost America’s science and technology budget, without further tapping individual taxpayers. Last year, America’s 300,000 churches were spared nearly 100 billion dollars in owed taxes through a century-old IRS loophole that doesn’t tax charitable church entities. This annual 100-billion-dollar amount—almost triple that of the National Institute of Health’s budget—could transform science and medicine in the United States. In fact, in over a decade’s time, it could fundamentally alter the nature of disease and disability in our species. With just 10 years of collected church taxes—about one trillion dollars—targeted properly, US scientists could possibly eradicate most major medical ailments, including aging.

Many scientists and researchers today believe we are on the verge of paradigm shifting technologies and cures, whether it be a vaccine for cancer, genetic editing of DNA to end cellular degeneration, or bionic hearts to overcome the world’s leading killer: cardiovascular disease. The transhumanist era, where innovation eliminates most physical and mental hardships, is no longer science fiction—it’s almost here. The problem is that if it takes 30 years from today to get there versus 10 years, nearly a billion extra people will suffer from disease and die. That’s why many modern researchers feel they are in a literal race to save people—to prevent them from biologically suffering and ultimately perishing.

This quest to save people is very similar to nearly all Abrahamic churches. Most religious institutions primary goal is also to save their flock from suffering and prevent them from metaphysically perishing. American science and religion are bound together by this intrinsic commonality.

That’s why a growing number of Christians—transhumanist supporters or not—believe that the grace of God is being manifest through the world’s scientific creations and progress. When a researcher discovers radical stem cell therapies that allow a paralyzed person to walk again, the work and wonders of Christ are arguably being done in the modern world. The same can be said of controlling Schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s or Dementia with drugs and brain implants; instead of losing cognitive abilities in ways that some fundamental Christians believe are prompted by demonic forces, clarity of mind and one’s religious-inspired moral compass are fought for and preserved with modern medicine. Today, even the deaf and blind can see through FDA approved devices like the cochlear implant and robotic eye, which both tap directly into the brain. Many disabilities are going extinct—sometimes through the work, prayer, and determination of religious researchers and scientists.

It’s easy to recognize many of the scientific breakthroughs happening today are almost identical to the miracles apocryphally performed by Jesus over two millennia ago. Christians especially believe Christ’s divine work carries on when the poor receive the cures and medical help. About half of Americans live in a household dependent on the government for some healthcare and financial assistance, and the majority of these people are believers and churchgoers. The fact is Christians often pray for good health, and they increasingly get it.

The sad and unfortunate truth, however, is that Americans could be fulfilling the Biblical Word of God and helping their fellow citizens so much more. If churches would just pay the same taxes other organizations and businesses across America pay, and the US used that money for science and medical research, churches could dramatically do more for their flock within just a few years through improved nationwide health benefits.

However, it goes further than just overcoming ailments and physical suffering. With one trillion extra tax dollars over a decade’s time put into specific longevity research, most instances of death itself could likely be stopped. The life extension and anti-aging fields have just a few billion dollars going into them right now, mostly via small nonprofits and start-ups that are already showing minor success in their experiments and research. But if that amount of money was increased by 25 times, the results would be dramatic. We would soon enter the era where humans no longer age or die by disease.

Some theologians and scholars will consider this the manifestation and fulfillment of the Bible’s ultimate predictions of Jesus’ destiny. It’s also precisely this divinity that Christ sought to teach the world of before he was crucified—a world where humans can take shelter in God’s alleged power to be spared from harm and evil.

But it doesn’t stop at just overcoming suffering and death for those alive today. All those in the past—the approximately 95 billion humans who have lived and died on Planet Earth through the ages—may also be given a second chance at life by the controversial scientific field of Quantum Archaeology, otherwise known as technological resurrection.

Quantum Archaeology combines 3D Bioprinting with the computational power of super computers. Both fields are going through massive disruptions right now. 3D Bioprinters can already print out living tissue, and some believe within 50 years, it will be able to print out entire human beings. Super computers can already do 200,000 trillion calculations per second, and that’s before quantum computing arrives in the next few years, which could dramatically increase computational power. In 15 or 30 years—if the microprocessor keeps improving exponentially as it has for almost a half century and it better utilizes the Cloud—a super computer might do millions of quadrillion calculations per one hundredth of a second.

Quantum Archaeologists believe that the universe is mechanistic, leaving the opportunity to reverse engineer parts of our subatomic physical history of the world, including that of a human being’s every thought, action, memory, and physical component. If we have enough computing power, and we continue to make progress in discerning modern physics—like our teleportation techniques already in use and the 2013 Nobel Prize winning discovery of the God Particle—we may be able to within the century reverse engineer and record sections of our universe down to the very quarks and electrons that comprise them. Some people believe the entire human race and every person’s sub-atomic lifetime composition and history can be found and stored in a memory bank approximately nine miles squared in size. From there, we just download exact perfect atomic blueprints of people a few hours before they died and 3D Bioprint them out—then revive them back to life as we would an unconscious person.

Some theologians and Christian transhumanists argue Jesus could fulfill the Book of Revelations and his proposed Second Coming through this type of technology. In fact, some people believe its humanity’s greatest responsibility and imperative to use Quantum Archaeology to resurrect Jesus himself—called Second Coming 2.0—so that he can teach humanity once again in person and carry out his work, including that of the prophesized End Times. After all, through Quantum Archaeology, everyone that has ever lived can be brought back to life—or not. It’s through this transhumanist tech that the end of the world—or the beginning of it, depending on one’s beliefs—will occur.

When asked who I’d first bring back using Quantum Archaeology, I answer: Jesus. Whether you believe he’s the son of God or not, he’s undeniably the most influential and significant person to our species—and I’d love to ask him questions about life, philosophy, and his impact on humanity. But resurrecting people presents radical scenarios and major challenges. Jewish friends of mine have expressed interest in bringing back Adolf Hitler so he can face war crimes and be imprisoned. There’s even the possibility of bringing back spiritual entities, if our collective Judeo-Christian history is accurate. We might print out the serpent in the Garden of Eden or the archangel Michael.

Naturally, in the future, most people will use Quantum Archaeology to bring back dead loved ones, friends, and family members—some who may have tragically and prematurely died. Indeed, my father passed away recently from disease, and I’d like to bring him back so he can see his grandkids and be with my mom again.

The quagmire is that such a grand future rests on resources and funding to achieve these Christ-like miracles. Otherwise, we’ll will continue to lose loved ones to cancer, heart disease, aging, and other reversible diseases and tragedies. With just one small compromise by the over 300,000 churches across America—paying their fair share of annual taxes like everyone else—humanity can literally be saved. This may be the ‘leap of faith’ God really intended for believers. It’s a small one to make for America and the health of its people.


Zoltan Istvan is a transhumanist speaker and author of The Transhumanist Wager.

Header photo by Amy Karle. Photo of Jesus in Tomb from Czech Republic. Super computer photo by Argonne National Laboratory.

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Why the focus on taxes? That will just allow the government to steal most of those resources for other purposes. Why not appeal to the churches directly?