One of the most unpopular opinions I have is that I believe 4-year college should be mandatory in the US. (First, let me say, I would make public college free, and I plan to pay for this by saving money by emptying prisons of nonviolent drug offenders and others wastefullly imprisoned). To me, college is much more than education; it's something that puts the finishing touches on youth and prepares them to be smart, open-minded, and responsible citizens. I do not agree that people at 18 are adults. I think it's much closer to age 23-25 that kids become mature enough to be a so-called "adult," given brain growth, social development, psychology, etc. I think many 18 years old are irresponsible, impetuous, illogical, and plain dumb. And they need more life and scholastic experience to become the best they can be. Joining an inner city gang, being a baggage handler at airlines in a union, or working on the floor at Walmart, or doing other simple and mindless tasks is not what people should be doing at age 18. A college educated person will demand more from themselves, and from their peers, and from their kids. A college educated person's sense of logic and brain skills are dramatically improved by 4 extra years of education and life experience with sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll, to use the proverbial experience of college. Furthermore, in the age of expanding lifespans, it's also important to educate our youth more. Laws of mandatory high school were passed in the 1960s, when lifespans were about 63 on average. They're near 80 now, and soon new transhumanism sciences like genetic editing will take them above 100 and further. BUT mostly, without 4 extra years of college and brain development, too many Americans end up unsuccessful and relying partially on government support. It's a well known fact proven again and again that the college educated widley outdo the uneducated in overall prosperty, length of marriages, happniess, staying out of jail, etc. It's makes good sense to ask all our American youth to go to college. (I would make some minor exceptions to this mandatory rule, such as professional athletes, military recruits, nonprofit apprentiships, start-up careers, etc.) But the majority of Americans age 18 would go to college. That is something that would forever change America for the better, and give our nation a leg up on other countries. In the age when robots will also start taking over so many menial jobs, it's also a good thing. Remember, going to college is not about choosing a career making money, it's about becoming as smart and accomplished of an individual as you can become to prepare you for whatever life will throw at you. I think every American deserves that preparation. I think every American youth deserves a nation that wants them to become as successful as possible. #UpgradingAmerica #Zoltan2020