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Singularity Weblog - Zoltan Istvan is the first unashamedly and unabashedly openly transhumanist presidential candidate in the history of the United States. His political campaign, his Immortality Bus Tour and his book the Transhumanist Wager, have managed to get a huge amount of global media coverage and stir a debate. For good or for bad, much of that debate has been revolving not only around Istvan’s ideas but also around his personality and leadership style. With much of the criticism coming from within the wider transhumanist community itself. Whatever the case may be, when I heard that Istvan is visiting Toronto for WEST conference I thought that I can’t pass the opportunity to get him for a Singularity 1on1 interview.

During our 86 min conversation with Zoltan Istvan we cover a variety of interesting topics such as: a personal update since our first interview when he says I contributed to launching his career; the details surrounding the founding and running of the Transhumanist Party and his presidential campaign; overcoming his libertarian bias to aim for the political center; guaranteed minimum income; living indefinitely and if there is something Zoltan will not do to accomplish it; the reappearing question of whether Istvan is Jethro Knights or not; his chances of winning the elections and the potential for jumping on the Democratic bandwagon; Teleological Egocentrical Functionalism; if and how fiction can influence a political movement; making a transhumanist TV show; difference between visibility and impact of scientists versus that of journalists/bloggers; getting money to fund science; the number of nuclear war-heads; why he doesn’t use his last name; the possibility of running for state or municipal elections; writing a book of non-fiction and a sequel to the Transhumanist Wager…

Here is the link to the full interview:

Singularity Weblog interview


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