I live in the Bay Area and work in coffee shops a lot. The coffee shops are getting more crowded now that everyone is coming back from their summer vacations. One barista recently commented how amazing it is that people "can actually afford to go on vacations in the first place". It was a great reminder to me that a vast population of Americans cannot travel very far or even overnight due to poverty. While I'm no longer running for Governor, I'm still pushing a certain economic plan in my public outreach: my Federal Land Dividend. People always tell me the same thing--my plan is bad for the environment. The reality is, though, with tens of millions of Americans in poverty, that many people will never visit places where they can see nature (or what might be constituted as the environment) because they simply cannot afford to travel (traveling is a luxury). I think that's a solid reason to use some of "nature" to pay a #BasicIncome, which can help cover food and healthcare costs. Here's the definitive story on my Federal Land Dividend, and a good reminder that many people will never appreciate our vast $150 trillion dollars of federal lands--and they would rather use them to be lifted out of poverty:


Zoltan Istvan
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