#FreeAdvice: People pitch ideas to me all the time via email or even social media messaging. Afterall, I sometimes make financial investments, and I’m also a journalist and a meta-connector--and of course running for President. If the pitch is polite and well-written, I try to answer briefly. But many millennials and younger people today have a way of writing pitch letters that will never see the light of day. To begin with: Most people reading pitches have 10-20 seconds for your idea (we get up to 100 emails a day). If you can’t get me in the first 4 sentences of the pitch, you likely won’t at all. I need to know what you want, and why I should take more than 20 seconds for your idea. That means within the first 4 sentences, you need to impress me with your idea, and then you need to convince me you can pull it off. And just importantly, you have to be polite and smart sounding also. Additionally, within the first 4 sentences, I need to know if you’ve been successful in the past, if you went to college, and who you know or are connected to. By the 5th and 6th sentences, I want to know why you want to do this and if anyone else is doing it. Finally, always have proper salutations in emails. And be as professional as possible. When it doubt, take the higher road and offer as much respect as possible to you who are dealing with. #UpgradingAmerica #Zoltan2020