About Zoltan Istvan

Welcome to The Transhumanist Wager

Welcome to Zoltan Istvan’s new Maven channel: Transhumanist Wager. Here you can catch his latest ideas, articles, videos, and speeches about transhumanism, politics, atheism vs. religion, and the quest to overcome death with radical science.

Zoltan is internationally recognized for spearheading the modern-day transhumanist movement, which advocates for using radical science to improve and evolve the human being (perhaps even transforming people into machines one day).

In his 20s, Zoltan started as a journalist at National Geographic Channel, and was also a correspondent for The New York Times wire service. Later, he became a successful real estate developer during the boom years, and still owns many properties including vineyard entities in Argentina and Napa Valley. Zoltan was also a director at a major wildlife nonprofit, WildAid, helping to lead a team of activists to save endangered species and forests. In his 30s, Zoltan began writing a science fiction novel The Transhumanist Wager, which became a Top 5 Amazon book and won literary awards.

Zoltan’s public work has received hundreds of millions of views, much of it through his political and science activism. He was the 2016 presidential nominee for the Transhumanist Party and toured the country in the Immortality Bus, which he used to deliver the original Transhumanist Bill of Rights to the US Capitol. He was also a party endorsed 2018 libertarian California Governor candidate.

Zoltan has spoken at the World Bank, the World Economic Forum, Microsoft, Harvard and was the opening keynote at the Financial Times Camp Alphaville. He is a religion and philosophy graduate of Columbia University, and lives in San Francisco with his physician wife and two young daughters. In a 5000-word feature on his work, The New York Times wrote Zoltan is “polite and charismatic” and has a “plausibly Presidential aura.”

Zoltan’s new Maven channel, Transhumanist Wager, is named after his novel. According to Zoltan, the concept of the wager can be summed up like this: The Transhumanist Wager is the most logical conclusion to arrive at for any sensible human being: We love life and therefore want to live as long as possible—we desire to be immortal. It's impossible to know if we're going to be immortal once we die. To do nothing doesn't help our odds of attaining immortality, since it seems evident that we're going to die someday and possibly cease to exist. To attempt something scientifically constructive towards ensuring immortality beforehand is the most logical solution.

Happy reading and viewing Zoltan’s new landing site on Maven! New content should be appearing nearly every day.