Unconventional Fairy Tales for Unconventional Families - now on Kickstarter!

10 fairy tales to celebrate all kinds of families: LGBT, single-parent, adoptive, multi-ethnic, and more

Unconventional Fairy Tales for Unconventional Families is the first childrens book that tells the adventures of families that never existed in childrens books before.

Its characters are LGBT families (with two dads or two mums), a transgender kid, multi-ethnic or adoptive families, teen mums and more

The book doesnt aim to explain these families, but to celebrate them and include them in childrens world, turning them into families of warlocks, pirates, kings and queens, pixies, ogres and elves.

As with all fairy tales, the stories are light-hearted, adventurous, funny and designed to teach a simple moral.

One of the nicest fairy tales is called Amy and the disappearance of the witches and tells the story of Mikail, a young warlock who identifies himself as a witch. With the support of his parents, he changes his name into Amy and joins the best Sorcery School in the kingdom. There, she will have to solve a mystery: her schoolmates are disappearing, and someone has to help them!

The Kickstarter campaign started 2 days ago and will last till the end of September. It will be possible to pre-order the book during this limited time only and it will be shipped worldwide.