Trans People in Mental Healthcare Survey!

Participate in a brief anonymous survey about working with mental health providers and enter to win an amazon gift card!

We are excited about our short anonymous survey created for and by trans-identified people to learn
more about transgender and gender non-conforming (TGNC) people’s experiences with mental health providers, with the intention of improving care for the TGNC community. And we need your help.

Anyone who is trans, non-binary, non-conforming, and/or non-cisgender (i.e. their gender identity is different from the sex they were assigned at birth), is over 18, and is currently receiving mental healthcare can participate.

If these three criteria apply to you, we would love for you to participate and be entered into an optional drawing for one of fifteen $30 Amazon gift cards.

The survey should take approximately 20-30 minutes. Please click on the following link to
participate or learn more*:

Please send this along to anyone who might be eligible!

*Feel free to direct message me with any questions/concerns! When you click the link, if you are eligible for the study, more detailed information about the survey (and an opportunity to opt in or out) becomes available after you answer three short questions.