Trans Man Who Had Never Met Another Trans Person Is Surprised by Laverne Cox

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In the latest episode of Fearless, a digital series on Ellen DeGeneres’ EllenTube, host Ashley Graham interviewed Rickey, a 25-year-old transgender man from Missouri.

“Being transgender and living in Kansas City, it’s not easy because people don’t your story, so they judge,” Rickey said. He began his transition a year ago and his goal is to have top surgery.

“But I have a friend who has gone through something like you are going through, that can relate to you in a much deeper way and I want to introduce you” Graham told Rickey.

As Graham leads Rickey to another room, Laverne Cox surprises him as he immediately breaks down in tears and falls to the floor.

Fearless on EllenTube(YouTube Screen Capture)

Rickey later admits he had never met another transgender person before.

“Everyone should be able to actualize themselves. And our journey is a little bit different than other people’s, but it’s the same journey,” Cox told him. “We’re just trying to be the best us we can be.”

Later, Cox and Graham give Rickey a check for $10,000 “to help in any way that you need to further your journey.”

“The future to me now, I’m walking with my head high and not down, “ Rickey said. “To actually meet another trans [person] and to see how far she came, I know I can do it.”

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