Trans Is Beautiful - Portraits and Interviews


A few months ago I released my very first book. It was a big and important project for me and I poured all my heart and soul into it. As a trans man myself, I knew that the cis had still a lot to learn about us and I wanted to create something that would help educate them but also celebrate trans people as a whole. I wanted to share with the world how beautiful the trans community is and portrait and interview lots of different people with all sorts of genders, including non-binary people. I know not all non-binary people identify as transgender, but nobody who took part in this project was against the title Trans Is Beautiful.

Besides, I approached some of my favourite Youtubers Chase Ross and Contrapoints who were so kind to collaborate with me. Other creators (musicians, poets, writers, etc.) have been involved too, so it's definitely worth checking out if I may say so myself.

The questions I asked, revolve around people's identities, their coming out, questions they don't like to answer about being trans and what they like and dislike about not being cis.

You can either order it via Amazon or get the PDF in my Etsy shop. All profits I make help me with my transition costs but I also contribute to other people's fundraisers.

Thanks a lot if you decide to purchase it or simply spread the word!


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