Crystal Matthews

Today was an amazing day. As a few of the members of this page are already friends with me on Facebook, I wanted to write a little on here about how lucky I am. Today, I came out publicly both on my social media as well as to my coworkers. So far, my revelation has been met with nothing but positivity and support. Some of my colleagues have asked a few not to invasive questions regarding how my life and presentation at work will change. I explained that I am working at figuring out my pace and will let them know well before I start to really set into my transition. For now, they are welcome to continue to use my male name as well as current pronouns. Everyone was respectful in their questions to me and the most common response that I have received has been regarding my bravery. I personally don't see myself as brave, but I understand and respect the reasoning for the label. I know that odds are that eventually, my luck will run out and somebody will not give me such a warm acceptance, I even suspect who these people will be. But for now, I just cannot believe how lucky I am that everyone in my life has been so amazing. I have the most wonderful wife in the world and I have the greatest friends. I also have been quite fortunate in finding Transgender Universe as well as the members of TRCLI, without whom, I don't think I would have come so far out of the proverbial closet as I have today. Thank you all.


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