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In the segment which aired on April 7th, Jessica Williams speaks with members of the trans community to find out how transphobia affects their everyday lives. Jessica profiles the story of Meagan Taylor, who was arrested in Iowa for trying to check into a hotel. They highlight the ridiculousness of the recent anti-transgender legislation in North Carolina and Mississippi. Jessica also interviews Colorado Representative Gordon Klingenschmitt, who is basically an idiot and perhaps a out of his mind. It features a great panel of eight transgender people and their take on how society treats us.

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Well it has been a long week, so why not end it with a little laughter. Though it comes from a humorous angle, it points out how ridiculous some 0f these bills are. We just have to go through the process and continue to battle. Ultimately we will win as there is no way these bills are constitutional. We will do so if we all come together.

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