Interview With Brax Fleming at the 2018 Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference

Mena Falco

The original Dopp Kit and Jr. Dopp kit were designed to be an organized option for your personal supplies. These bags were tailored for transgender men as a place to store their hormone treatment/personal needs.

About Stealth Bros & Co

Stealth Bros & Co is a Mens Luxury Supply. Brax and Miko became friends through shared experiences as transgender men going through their transitions. Both of them wanted to help raise money for their top surgeries as well as give back to other trans men in the community. The core product is a Dopp Kit designed with trans men in mind. The Dopp Kit ans Jr. Dopp kit are the perfect way to stow away our medical supplies. The name Stealth Bros & Co is meant to portray keeping whatever supplies you need stealthy. Although they both live visible lives, they agree everyone has the freedom to choose!

Braxton Fleming is the Founder/CEO - for Stealth Bros & Co. He decided to start this project in order to obtain funds for his top surgery. He realized he was not the only one in need, so Brax decided to do something to give back to the transgender community. He created a new lane and came up with the idea of making a Dopp Kit Bag to store medical supplies that some trans men use to transition. He then contacted Miko for his opinion and was able to use his expertise and creativity to bring this idea to life. Not only does this product keep your items stealthy and neat, but also easy to travel with in style and confidence. Brax hopes this product will help bring togetherness within the community and help those also in need for top surgery.

Miko Colon is a Partner & the Creative Director Stealth Bros & Co. Miko is also an artist and photographer. He specializes with brand building and content creation. Miko hopes with this brand they are able to help other trans men. He wishes to inspire and encourage others to live authenticity and do what makes them happy.

With every purchase made, you will help raise money for Brax and Mikos top surgery fund. There will also be a separate fund created for other trans men and their top surgeries.

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