PlayStation Is Not Adhering To Data Protection Laws, Negatively Impact


In 2017, I came out as transgender, therefore, I changed my name on all of my personal accounts. PlayStation did not allow me to change my personal details, however. My username contains my "dead" name & the wrong gender, which is very distressing, causing me to not want to play my favourite games. I've emailed them a few times now, to which they reply with "once an Online ID has been chosen, it can't be changed as it's used to tie together all of your activity on PlayStation Network"

The only way I can get an account with my proper name is by creating a new account, therefore losing hundreds of pounds worth of downloaded games, all my game data, etc.

I did a little bit of digging and found out that they're breaking a law in their policy:

from PlayStation network's UK privacy policy:

"You also have the right to request a copy, rectification, erasure or blocking of your personal information and to object to our processing of your personal information in certain situations."

It continues to say;

"If you have a concern about our information rights practices, please get in contact with us first so we can try to resolve your query...

If however you feel we have not dealt with your concern and that we are failing to meet our legal obligations, you can report this to your local data protection regulator or the Information Commissioner's Office ("ICO") in the United Kingdom."

The forth data protection principle is accuracy, and data controllers are obliged to ensure that personal data is accurate, to rectify where there are mistakes, and to update or erase inaccurate or outdated data they hold when necessary. I am disappointed that PlayStation has set up their system in such a way that they can so easily break their own policies.

Ultimately, the easiest option for PlayStation if there is no way to transfer or create licenses for the new, accurately named account, is to reimburse every purchase owned by the "dead" name account, so I may purchase the content over again for my new account, and can close the old account when done. It is absolutely PlayStation's failing for not having implemented a system to rectify information as they are legally required to do. I personally would like to see the company do the work required to provide such a service to its users, which would make fans happy, as well as allowing PlayStation to conform to the law

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Did you reach out the the ICO as instructed? what was their response?


“I changed my name on all of my personal accounts.”

You said something about pounds, so I’ll assume you’re in the UK, I’ll assume you needed an order of the court to change your name, I suspect if you “”talk”” to the right person at PlayStation, not email, show them the court order, they will change your name, be the squeaky wheel.

“"once an Online ID has been chosen, it can't be changed as it's used to tie together all of your activity on PlayStation Network"”

Is it a PlayStation id or is it a Sony id, maybe you need to move it up to the parent company, I do not believe that Sony will not vs cannot change a legal name, on an account where things that you have bought are tied to, lots of people change their names.

If none of that works out, can you create a sub account that retains all the stuff you want to keep, is there a way of moving your stuff to a new account.

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