New Comic Features Trans Teen as lead character.


Shawn Harbin has been making comics for the past 10 years. Normally working on his regular series, The Dungeon Comic, he often places parodies of old advertisements like one would see in old comics, in his books. One ad that featured a faux Saturday morning cartoon lineup inspired by 1980's cartoons, spawned an idea. He thought to himself, if cartoons were still on the air on Saturday mornings, ten years from now, what would we see? One of his creations was Transfurred. At first what was just a small advertisement bloomed into a full blown comic book.

Now that the first issue is complete, Shawn is gearing up to release Transfurred: The Worlds Greatest 12 Year Old Detective! Transfurred is about a 12 year old girl, named Jaynie Lain that chases monsters and solves mysteries with her pet Pit Bull, Jones. Jaynie is a local celebrity in the southern town of Knaubliek, and she's Transgendered. The comic is designed to be an all ages book in the vein of Saturday morning cartoons. It is written for trans teens that are going through a wide range of emotions and conflicts, but it's also written for people that may not yet be open to trans people. Harbin's intent is that if you can fall in love with Jaynie the hero character, that acceptance of her being transgendered will follow. His intention is to try and steer away from politics and concentrate more on the story of Jaynie being a human being, with gifts, flaws, talents, and conflicts that kids, teens, trans people, and adults all have. The intent is more to bring people together, then to push us apart, that's why she is the worlds greatest 12 year old Detective, not just the worlds greatest Trans Detective, or gender specific one. It's like Scooby-Doo meets Nancy Drew, if Nancy Drew were a 12 year old transgendered girl.

People that have read a sneak preview of Transfurred have been extremely positive. Transgendered readers really enjoyed the portrayal of Jaynie. One male reviewer stated, "To be honest, I'm not comfortable this Transgender idea, but I gave it a try. That being said, I loved the book. I was very entertained and liked the character a lot. " When asked if he would get the second issue, he replied, "yes, I would be interested to see where this story goes." While Harbin is not trans, he has been working to be very sensitive to subject and handle the character of Jaynie appropriately and looks forward to continuing the series.

A Kickstarter is being planned to launch in early March to fund the publishing of the first issue of Transfurred: The Worlds Greatest 12 Year old Detective! To learn more about the comic and the Kickstarter, you can follow Shawn Harbin at or Twitter and Instagram @LaciLaceWings


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